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Amcor Capsules

Nov 11, 2021 | Winery Industry News

Amcor Capsules is a market leader specializing in design and manufacture of capsules and closures for spirits, wine, and sparkling wine markets. With six plants located in France, Canada, USA, and Chile, Amcor Capsules offers the most comprehensive range of aluminium, tin, polylaminate, and PVC capsules and aluminium closures in the market. Amcor’s STELVIN®, the original wine aluminium closure, was developed more than 50 years ago and continues to be the market leader and preferred choice for many winemakers. 

Amcor’s capsules and closures offer endless eye-catching options for colors, textures, and finishes that can help your bottle stand out. Amcor’s capsules, closures, and sparkling wine hoods can be decorated with hot foil stamping, laser engraving, or embossing for a tactile experience. Special inks and varnishes can make your capsule or closure glow in the dark, change color at specified temperatures, or give a velvety texture. Amcor Capsules’ graphic designers are ready to help your most audacious ideas become reality.

STELVIN® was first marketed in 1964. It offered wine producers a cure for cork taint, but soon the STELVIN® adopters found the closures also produced greater consistency from bottle to bottle and better preserved their wines’ aromas, flavors, and freshness. STELVIN® also makes a bottle easy to transport and store in any position with a safe repeatable opening and closing. Today’s STELVIN®Inside liners feature an exclusive technology that enables producers to control the rate of oxygen ingress (OTR) into their wines. Another liner, STELVIN®P, enables producers to perfectly preserve lightly sparkling wines. The STELVIN® range nowadays also includes STELVIN®LUX, the premium version of STELVIN® closure, with a completely smooth exterior and sleeker appearance. 

Over the past few years, Amcor Capsules has introduced two new developments: EASYPEEL and InTact. 

EASYPEEL is an innovative opening system for aluminium capsules, which makes opening wine easier and cleaner. The improved design prevents tearing, over cutting, or removing the entire capsule – all of which can detract from the carefully crafted aesthetics wine brands work to develop.

InTact is a connected capsule which integrates an NFC technology and allows consumers to instantly verify product authenticity. In this way, InTact helps wine and spirits brands fight counterfeiting, avoid grey market diversion, collect valuable data, and engage consumers through digital technology.

In 2020,  Amcor Capsules continues to be innovative and has introduced SHAPEART, a proprietary system for developing bespoke, dimensional, and recyclable closures that elevate the world’s most exclusive wine and spirits brands. Amcor’s ShapeArt offers an innovative way for brands to set themselves apart – both in bars and on retail shelves. 

The closures’ distinctive customized shapes make a powerful impression on consumers. While introducing ShapeArt to its product range, Amcor is also offering a comprehensive ShapeArt service. The Amcor team helps brand owners navigate ShapeArt’s extensive printing and finishing options and engineer the architectural features of their custom closure. This collaboration includes testing the final product on their bottling lines. Where bottling-line modifications are required to accommodate the new closures, Amcor’s technical service team advises on equipment and reconfiguring processes.